Control of your Google Local Listings and Your Apple Maps Listing

Google has created something called Google local listings and whenever you do a search for a particular type of business, you’ll notice that there are a number of listings that will come up that have a lot of very good detail on on businesses that are in your local area. It’s easy to get ranked on Google if you have a Google business listing for your business name or for the type of business that you do. Now if you Google your business name and you don’t see a Google Local listing coming up such as this example I’m showing here, then you need to set yourself up with a Google Local listing in the campaigns section of your membership. You’ll notice that we’ve given you a walkthrough on how to set up your Google business listing initially along with how to set up your Apple Maps account. Apple Maps is that thing where people get recommendations from Siri when they talk to their phones. They say: “Siri please show me a pizza place near me” Siri will volunteer businesses that are listed on Apple Maps. So you obviously want to get control of that as well so we walk you through both of those and show you how to set those up. Now what happens if you already have a listing but no one in your company remembers creating that listing? You don’t know how to make changes to it and your web designer doesn’t remember either or your web designer is gone and you no longer have control over that listing? Well I’m going to take you through the process of gaining control of that listing so that you can keep it up to date and keep your business hours up to date and just so that you can have control over the listing. That’s a very important thing that should be a priority for you.