How to Eliminate Sales Friction


Allow me to share an intriguing story about one of my esteemed customers who recently experienced a remarkable sales encounter. This customer deals in selling a range of boats, from affordable fishing dinghies to luxurious prestige yachts. Through the adept utilization of the techniques I’ll be describing, a significant sales breakthrough took place. Picture this: a salesperson sitting in his office when a delightful couple arrived after a long drive from Ottawa, seeking to meet Dave Jackson, one of the company’s amiable and charismatic sales representatives. The couple’s interest was piqued in a specific boat model, the H 180, valued at around $35,000. Evidently, they were invested in making a purchase. And so, the stage was set for a frictionless sales journey.

The Art of Frictionless Selling

With the couple already informed about the boat and its price from the website and video, the initial barriers to the sale had been effortlessly addressed by the marketing efforts. This frictionless scenario is something many salespeople yearn for but rarely experience. Usually, sales involve overcoming objections through hand-to-hand combat, where objections are seen as challenges, opportunities, or even causes for anxiety. However, with the right approach, frictionless sales can become a more frequent occurrence in your selling career.

Zig Ziglar’s Wisdom

To understand what causes friction in a sale, we can draw inspiration from Zig Ziglar, a renowned author and speaker in the sales domain. Ziglar identified five key obstacles that salespeople often encounter:

  • No Want: The potential customer lacks the desire or need for the product.
  • No Need: The customer may want the product but doesn’t perceive a genuine need for it.
  • No Money: Financial constraints prevent the customer from making the purchase.
  • No Hurry: The customer is not in a hurry to buy and might delay the decision.
  • No Trust: Lack of confidence in the salesperson or the product creates reluctance.

Breaking Down Friction: Preparing for the Sales Encounter

As Zig Ziglar aptly advised, let’s delve into the art of breaking down those friction points even before meeting a potential customer. In today’s digital era, customers arrive prepared with valuable knowledge, thanks to the plethora of information available online. This shift in consumer behavior means that the traditional “hand-to-hand combat” approach between buyers and salespeople is evolving.

Empowered by Information:

Modern buyers conduct extensive research before interacting with sales professionals. They explore product details, compare options, and educate themselves about market prices. This is especially evident in sectors like the automotive industry, where buyers have access to an abundance of data. For instance, before purchasing a 2017 Pontiac Sunfire, a customer is likely to know the average price range for various models and features across the province.

Influencing the Decision:

Despite their pre-purchase research, one crucial aspect remains undecided for buyers: the choice of the seller. Here’s where the sales professional can make a significant impact. By positioning yourself as an ally in their research journey, you can create a meaningful connection and stand out from competitors.

Empathy and Education:

Instead of adopting a confrontational stance, focus on understanding your potential customers’ needs and desires. Empathize with their requirements and be the expert guide they seek. Offer valuable and engaging content that makes their research less mundane. Share informative videos, blog posts, and other resources that showcase your expertise and instill confidence in your brand.

Building Trust:

Trust is the foundation of any successful relationship, and the sales process is no exception. Through your transparent communication, establish yourself as a trustworthy partner rather than a mere seller. Showcasing your knowledge and genuine interest in helping them find the right solution will resonate positively with buyers.

Seamless Sales Encounters:

As buyers gain valuable insights through your pre-sales communication, they’ll arrive at your doorstep with an informed perspective. With most of the critical groundwork already laid, the sales encounter becomes less about convincing and more about fulfilling their needs. Your role transforms from a persuader to an enabler, and customers may choose you as their preferred option.

Continuing with Engaging Content and Authenticity

So, as you embark on your YouTube journey, remember that it’s essential to communicate these implicit messages effectively. Creating engaging content is the key to keeping your viewers interested and demonstrating your likable and approachable nature. You don’t need to overtly state that you’re friendly, intelligent, or trustworthy; instead, showcase these traits through your presentation and interactions.