Ep 003: Awareness: Finding The right content for prospects at the beginning of their buying process

Introduction: In Episode 3 of our video series, we delve into the importance of creating relevant content for prospects in the early stages of their buying process. While content creation can be a demanding task, it becomes much easier when you know there is a genuine interest in the topics you plan to discuss. In this episode, we explore how to identify the benefit space you operate in and use data to determine the most compelling content ideas. By understanding what captures the attention of your ideal prospects, you can create valuable and targeted content that drives engagement and leads.

Identifying the Benefit Space: The benefit space refers to the area in which you operate, where competing options offer the same benefits to the end user. To illustrate this concept, we use the example of a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company called WeVideo. Although they are not our clients, they serve as a great example due to their presence in a fiercely competitive market. WeVideo provides an easy online video editing platform, solving the problem of collaborating on videos without the hassle of handling raw footage. To begin, we need to ask ourselves: What are the main service benefits WeVideo offers, and what is the primary problem it solves for its ideal prospect?

Analyzing Search Results: To gain insights into the topics and phrases that resonate with your ideal prospect at the awareness stage, we turn to search engines like Google. By searching for the main phrase, such as “video editing software,” we can observe the natural results and advertisements. In our search for awareness-level content, we come across highly relevant topics that capture the attention of unsophisticated buyers. For instance, we find an article by WordStream titled “Top 10 Best Video Editing Software for Beginners,” which Google rewards with a prominent position in the search results.

Leveraging Keyword Data: To understand what keywords are driving traffic to the WordStream article, we utilize a tool called SpyFu. By inputting the article’s URL, we discover that around 8,600 keywords are referring traffic to the article. Sorting these keywords by position, we find terms like “easy to learn video editing software” and “easiest video editing software” are generating significant clicks. These phrases offer valuable insights into the language and search behavior of potential customers.

Crafting Unique Content: Armed with this information, we can create unique content that caters to our target audience’s specific needs. For instance, we can tailor articles like “Easiest Video Editing Software for Dentists” or “Easiest Video Editing Software for Accounting Professionals” to make them more relevant to specific verticals. By aligning our content with the interests and search queries of our ideal prospects, we increase the likelihood of capturing their attention and driving traffic to our website or conversion pages.

Moving Towards the Consideration Stage: At the awareness stage, our primary goal is to assist prospects in making informed decisions. By addressing their unsophisticated questions and gradually guiding them towards the consideration stage, we can provide them with the information they need to compare different options effectively. In the next video, we will explore the consideration stage, where prospects evaluate and compare various solutions available in the marketplace.

Conclusion: Creating compelling content that resonates with your target audience is crucial, especially in the early stages of their buying process. By leveraging tools like Google and SpyFu, you can uncover valuable insights into the topics, keywords, and search behavior of your ideal prospects. Crafting unique content that addresses their needs and provides relevant solutions will not only help establish trust but also increase the chances of converting them into loyal customers. Stay tuned for more insights and ideas in our marketing video series by subscribing to our YouTube channel and hitting the notification bell.

Please note that the transcription provided has been edited and condensed for clarity and coherence in blog format.