I suggest to all of my clients that besides looking at local competitors and looking at national competitors who are spending lots of money on marketing, they should also look outside of their marketplace. The tendency is to emulate and copy things that are going on within your market. Look at other law firms if you are a law firm or look at other insurance companies if you are an insurance company. But the most can be gained when you do local competitive research, national competitive research and then competitive research outside of the marketplace that you’re in. Some of the most competitive markets on the Internet are as follows, here are four competitive markets you can look at that will help you to see what cutting-edge marketing techniques are being used over time. Those four are: website development and design, real estate, insurance and the travel industry there are others of course but those are some of the most competitive if you’re interested in getting into murky waters. You might also look into the online gambling industry. They are always on the cutting edge when it comes to the marketing technology that’s out there. Unfortunately, you might end up going down a rabbit hole that doesn’t make you very comfortable. So I would stick to the ones I’ve mentioned earlier, the web design, insurance, real estate and travel markets because they’re professional services markets and they will probably have very much the same tone that you’re trying to communicate in your marketing. So get out there and have a look at other companies that are outside of your market for inspiration and keep coming back to those as you’re trying to build out a world-class marketing platform for your business.