I just wrote this, on Quora to the question “How am I meant to know how to market my law firm?”.

Marketing ANYTHING is complex. This certainly includes your law firm. I’ve gone to some pains to explain this on my law firm marketing youtube channel, but here is the simple 10,000 foot view:

  1. Modify your website so it strongly promotes a maximum of three of your specialties. If you have the courage to limit it to one, that’s even better.
  2. On your specialty pages address following questions in your copy:
    1. Demonstrate that you intimately understand the problem your future client is experiencing (as they are aware of it).
    2. Point out the cost of not taking action now (money, energy, peace of mind, family consequences, reputation…)
    3. Talk about how your approach is unique. They may include your qualifications, but be warned, your professional qualifications are assumed. Like saying “trust me” it doesn’t actually contribute to your pitch. You want to talk about how you’re approach is different. Maybe you use AFAs to deliver a clear value proposition. (Look up Alternate Fee Arrangements, they’re a great way to differentiate your practice).
    4. Put up some examples of client stories and what their lives looked like before and after using your services.
  3. Come up with a traffic strategy you can afford and target only the people who you are most likely having the “bleeding neck” problem your unique approach is most qualified to fix.

There’s more to the tuning, style, and strengthening and stabilizing your marketing system but that’s the meat and potatoes.

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