So in this section I’m going to show you how to use some online tools to do keyword research. Now, we’re interested in doing keyword research because we want to be ranked for certain terms that people are actually using when they’re doing a search for the kinds of specializations and services that you provide in your firm. It’s a mistake to use terms that are only used within your business. There’s always going to be nomenclature that means something to another lawyer but isn’t necessarily going to be meaningful to someone who is seeking your services and maybe less initiated than you would like. So they’re not using the correct terms but the terms they are using indicate what you do. Let’s do some keyword research right now and I’ll show you how to find out exactly the types of terms that are being used by good potential prospects who are looking for your services. In later videos, you’ll be able to use a collection of terms like this to help pages rank on your website naturally through organic listings and also target those terms inside of your paid campaigns and maybe even use some of those terms in your advertising copy so that it sounds more like you understand the real problems and psychology of a perspective point. When you are creating a marketing message, the ideal thing to do is to enter into the person’s existing conversation about the problem. And so they’ve got a conversation with themselves about a problem that they’re having and you want to use the same words that they’re using when they talk to themselves about that problem or when they talk to other people. So the keyword tool our keyword research is it’s more, it’s about more than just search engine optimization or ranking well in Google, it’s also about discovering how people are thinking about the service that you provide. So I’m on and I’m going to do a search for family law and see what related terms are being used across the internet right now. So here are things that people are using when they are doing searches about family law. So finding a family legal aid lawyer. So there’s some alternate terms here that are related and that’s interesting because it shows how a volume of search terms or certain phrases are being used by your potential audience in ways maybe you wouldn’t necessarily expect.