The friction points within each user session are automatically highlighted.

The moment Mouseflow is activated, it records every visitor on every page. Understand the challenges and journeys of your users. Your website becomes like a security camera for a store. Optimize these anonymous recordings based on their filtering and segmentation.

Get a handle on things sooner by eliminating guesswork. With MouseFlow, you can do a checkout, dynamic content, and members-only pages, and be secure.


Find web analytics that suits your needs quickly.

A session that experiences friction or frustration can be easily found with Mouseflow. Getting started takes less than a minute!

You can sort and filter your results based on two dimensions: location, language, page count, duration, browser, operating system, platform, traffic source, visitor type (new or returning), screen resolution, pages viewed, and custom variables/tags.


Multidimensional behavior visualizations go beyond clicks.

Mouseflow includes a complete set of heatmaps for tracking clicks, movement, scrolling, and attention. Live sessions are even available.

Improve user experience by tracking activity, detecting patterns of behavior, and maintaining anonymity. To see the click metrics for a specific heat point, hover over it.

Tracking for FUNNELS

The deal user journey can be built, tracked, and optimized easily.

It allows you to track key journeys and processes on your site (such as checkout or registration) from page to page.

Drop-off users are not recorded in session recordings. Streamline your A/B tests, compare journeys and more. Analyze user exits – and why they leave.


Improve conversion rates by analyzing and optimizing forms.

The Mouseflow tracking platform measures dropoffs, refills, rage-clicks, blank submissions, errors, and more – for every form field on your website. Analyze forms as funnels in real-time so that each stage can be optimized.

Increase conversions by identifying issues, improving usability, and improving conversion rates among visitors from different segments.


Recover lost conversions by capturing real user insights.

With Mouseflow, you can easily get inside visitors’ heads. Instantly target a specific audience with custom, interactive questionnaires.

At friction points, trigger the presentation of a feedback portal. This provides valuable feedback when it matters most: as visitors are frustrated, experiencing issues, or in need of help.