We Focus on  Important Business Outcomes: 

  • To LOWER the cost of leads
  • To SHORTEN the sales cycle 
  • To provide you with opportunities to SELL MORE FREQUENTLY and to sell higher-priced, higher-value engagements.

How do we do this?

  • To establish strong positioning that supports outbound and inbound prospect attraction work
  • To establish relevant offers which initiate relationships with potential clients
  • To nurture those prospects who are not necessarily ready for transactional service at the moment of contact while providing them with opportunities to engage with us in a sales conversation.

What is a Minimum Viable Marketing System?

An MVMS (Minimum Viable Marketing System) is based on creating profitable marketing assets with whatever budget you have to spend.  In producing these assets you have the option of 

  1. Executing on the plan, in whole or in part yourself or with people already on your salary
  2. Having an advisor retained or brought in on an hourly rate, to support you and your staff
  3. Having all the work done for you
  4. A mix of the above, as needed

Identifying gaps in your current system:

  1. Review our marketing roadmap diagram and descriptions
  2. Identify what has been done to a minimum viable state and what hasn’t been completed
  3. Get a quote showing all possible deliverables across the whole system, in an order that creates rapid germination followed by a steady compounding effect.  
  4. Sets budget based on what you can spend on each milestone and 12 months of hypothetical projections
  5. Execute on plan
  6. New money is invested on new entry points as proceeds of MVMS become available for use.

The process of developing a Minimum Viable Marketing System:

  1. Set up a minimum viable website.  (Download our minimum viable website worksheet) 
  2. Set up a retargeting campaign, which brings website visitors BACK to your highest performing offer
  3. Set up Facebook / Adwords / google analytics pixels and reporting
  4. At least once a quarter develops and subsequently optimize a new campaign/offer, with a landing page, funnel (upsell and down-sell) and a way of monitoring conversion and visitor behavior live.
  5. Set up SEO keyword rank tracking. (This can be done for as little as $15/month (ask us) 
  6. Schedule a minimum of 4 posts/month with a focus on relevant questions being asked and the most popular topics in your space (contact us to find out in as little as 15 minutes).  on each post set up a call to action referring visitors to your highest performing campaign/offer
  7. Setup/optimize Facebook (and/or Instagram), Linkedin, and Twitter profiles.