13 Rules For Digital Marketing
(So you don’t have to rely on luck)

Don’t rely on luck, hope or referrals.

Establish conditions and processes that make progress inevitable.


Processes that build momentum

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Relevant Offers are High-Performing Offers

So long as your offer is relevant and valuable to an audience you will have engagement, conversions and purchases. 

Relevance on non essential products and services changes over time and the marketplace indicates this by choking off revenue to businesses providing that service. 

 Depending on your industry a change of relevance can happen slowly over time or catch you completely off-guard.

When your messaging is relevant to your audience, you move the conversation forward. When your communication isn’t relevant your messages are ignored.  Strive to keep your messaging relevant and keep testing.

Start with an informed blueprint. Research is the long drive. Testing sinks the putt

This approach  protects you from the once of the most insidious expenses in  business:


Good research alerts you to opportunities and shows you where the oil is.

The Marketplace always has the last word

It’s  tempting to become attached to our pet ideas. In the end, our personal biases and subjectivity is always trumped by objective reality.

Plans are a place to start.  A hypothesis.  Once we are moving forward be prepared to pivot, adjust and steer.

Mike Tyson famously said “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face”. Ideas and assumptions need to be tested against the ever-shifting realities of the marketplace.

the Marketplace  is speaking:

We help you pay attention.

The marketplace always has the last word.


Don’t interrupt the prospect.

Don’t interrupt the prospect, provide them with momentum: When you participate in the buyer’s journey, aren’t interrupting them. You aren’t rushing them or pressuring them. If your prospect isn’t listening it’s because you not saying anything that is relevant to the goal they are working towards. Synchronize your campaigns with the prospect.

Your prospect’s drive to purchase triggers a predictable discovery, consideration and evaluation  process. The process is needed when the stakes are high to control risk.  Prospects in the digital age are in charge of this process AND THEY KNOW IT. 

If you you want to EARN the attention of a buyer you must willingly and enthusiastically participate in the process.  You must give it momentum.   You must bring value to it. 

The old school way sales was conducted taught an interruptive model.   Now, with all information ON DEMAND the smart marketer creates supportive content that meets the demand when the demand is made: not before. 

Don’t interrupt your prospect.  

Always be measuring:

(Identify vital metrics, measure from the start, manage your control points.) The challenge of listening objectively is that the information we are exposed to tends to be biased by our desire to validate our existing beliefs. Using objective measurement metrics in our marketing frees us of the tyranny of our own personal neurosis. The numbers don’t lie. The trick is picking the right numbers to pay attention to.

What you should be measuring?

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Participate in the entire buying  process.

Do you find yourself wondering what to do next in process of nurturing a relationship? Identify where the client is in the buying journey and provide them with what they need at that stage. Your prospect simply wants to make the best decision they can given the resources they have available to them..

Jeffrey Gitomer famously said, “People don’t like to be sold but they love to buy.”

People need reasons to move forward

Understand that each stage in the buying process is a proposition that must be sold to the prospect. Would you like a prospect to finish reading your email? Tell them why they should.. People aren’t finishing your videos? . Want them to read the next sentence? Create positive expectation. .

Don’t present your prospect with a “uncooked ingredients”.

Don’t present your prospect with a maze or a puzzle. Above all be clear about your value, benefit and what the next logical step is.

Can you count on your prospect to patiently sort through poorly organized ideas on a confusing website? – Don’t count on it. Your marketing must use clear language carefully written so it can be understood. The prospect should always be presented with a simple “next step” with relevant and well-explained benefits. Don’t present your prospects a list of uncooked ingredients – give them a cake.

Your sales copy should present a simplification of the issue at hand.  Just as your product or service solves a problem by turning a complicated situation into a simple situation, your sales copy MUST NEVER complicate things.  Keep simplifying until you are left with the only the essential benefit.


Reject Junk or Vanity Metrics

It’s (briefly) exciting to get 32 likes on your latest post , do we understand how these metrics get you closer to selling something? Do they suggest the graduation of a prospect through a natural sales process?

What you should be measuring?

Sign up for a free 30 minute strategy session to identify the key metrics which can move your markeitng forward.

Earn your  prospects attention earlier

Lower the cost of attracting new customers by earning your  prospects attention earlier in their decision process. If you look at keyphrases and advertising directed at prospects who are ready to buy, it’s not unusual for the cost per click to be higher. . Identifying the needs of customers at earlier “awareness-of-problem and awareness-of-solution” buying stages provides you with nurturing opportunities many of your competitors could be overlooking.

Embrace Change

Accept and allow for changes and market inflections. It’s discouraging to watch your ad creative go “flat” or the value proposition of your service to fall on deaf ears. Making peace with the constantly changing market and allowing for it in your marketing process lets you stay ahead of the inflection curve.

Embrace sales objections.

The elephants in the room, aren’t going anywhere. The clients unspoken objections and misgivings are here to stay. . When you understand a prospects anxiety about moving forward, bring those objections up yourself and bring them up early.. Understand the good place the objections are coming from. Help them understand why their objections have been taken into consideration and what you plan to do to ease their anxiety.

The Obstacle is the Way.

The Only way Around is Through



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