Here’s How We Identify Sincere Interest From Qualified Buyers

  1. We perform a detailed analysis of your business model, economics, your competitors and the competitive gaps (low hanging fruit) in your marketplace.
  2. We suggest optimizations of your current strategy which will increase the response rate of prospects who are already seeking you out.
  3. We suggest strategies for identifying and nurturing prospects who are 3, 6 or 12 months away from making a buying decision.
  4. We design a blended approach to establishing a strong, natural presence on Google in your market while managing your PPC to control and lower your lead acquisition costs.  
  5. We optimize or create an affordable PPC strategy so you can start seeing converting results in the next 2 weeks.
  6. We develop and execute on an SEO strategy so you can start to count on natural, organic traffic from Google and other top search engines.

Before any investment it’s critical to perform a detailed due diligence process.   We can help you to develop a flexible blueprint for prospect attraction using real market and consumer behavior analytics.  

DDD also includes detailed competitor analysis.   Protect your  marketing budget with  due diligence discovery.


Increase and stabilize your ranking Google and other primary search engines.  Websites built for high search engine relevance tend to be more useful to human visitors as well.

Websites recommended by Google automatically tend to be taken more seriously by searchers than “rented” listings purchased through pay per click.  

While you build your SEO presence, we can help optimize your PPC conversions and nurturing strategy.  Conversion optimization and competitive gap analysis can significantly reduce the cost of prospect acquisition.