Episode 002 – The Art of Video Blogging With Brad Way

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Video blogging is quickly has become a powerful way to communicate your personality and expertise. Is it right for your business? How can you get up the courage? How can you stay consistent in your video creation? Today, Employee Benefit Specialist Brad Way pulls back the curtain and reveals how authentic and committed video blogging is helping him consistently grow his business.
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Video Highlights:

00:00 What is zero noise marketing?
00:30 Introducing Brad Way
1:20 How did you get past your mental blocks?
3:00 Just commit.
3:45 What about equipment? Don’t worry about making it perfect, just start.
5:00 All early attempts will be terrible.  Don’t sweat it.
6:35 Video blogging helps you get a “better fit of customer”
8:35 How to pick a theme for your videos.
10:00 How content creation makes your job more fulfilling.
10:47 Content creation creates more comprehensive value to prospects and clients
11:30 Information leadership
12:10 Recess at work
13:00 Content creation lets you address the broader universe your prospects live in.
14:22 Identifying priorities your prospects have or should have
15:20 Be yourself, confront yourself
16.30 What it teaches us about ourselves
17:30 Triggers and habits to help you be consistent.
18:39 Habit design https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxDStOiWUDc
19:37 The importance of picking reliable triggers
20:47 The limit of accountability pacts
22:15 Planning your video messages – the message and the subtext… getting to know you
23:15 Advice for people sitting on the fence – https://www.ted.com/talks/seth_godin_on_sliced_bread
24:27 You do you.
25:00 Mental off roading.
25:30 Pushing past your fear looks like magic to people who haven’t done it themselves.  It’s a simple way to gain the respect of others.

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