Domain Transfer Service, Get Control Of Your Domain Name

The person who is in control of your domain name is at liberty to make changes to your website anytime they want to.

They can change the name servers or the DNS which is the thing that tells the internet where on the internet your domain name lives and where your email lives.  Find out how to make sure you have control of your domain name.

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What is a Domain Name?

One of the assets that it’s essential that you have control over is your domain name.

So let’s just define terms first of all.   If you have a website already, you’ve likely registered a domain name.  Most websites have a domain name.  A domain name is the part of your website’s address that comes before the WWW. So if your website address was, your domain name is

So what do i mean by having control of that? Well, every domain name has an administrative email address associated with it. The person who is in control of that email address is at liberty to make changes to your website anytime they want to. They can change the name servers or the DNS which is the thing that tells the internet where on the internet your domain name lives and where your email lives.

OBVIOUSLY, you want to make sure that you have control over that asset.

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Now, why wouldn’t anyone have control over their domain? Maybe when you had your website built  you hired a web designer to do that he registered the domain on your behalf using his email address as the point of contact.   

This makes you vulnerable to a couple of possibilities:

One is that that website designer may go out of business or disappear. Maybe something untoward will happen to him and suddenly you’ve lost control over your domain, because it’s his email address  on your domain record.

So that’s obviously no good at all.

The other possibility is that your designer changes his email address and loses control of his old email address.  There is a risk in this situation of you both losing control.  Long story short, you have no control.

Now, if you find yourself in this situation, there are things you can do but it requires paperwork and a lot of needless aggravation.  It’s something that my firm actually helps people with when they run into that problem. So how do you know if your domain name has a good administrative email address on it? Well, I’m going to show you just through a little walk through how you can do something called a whois query and it’s similar to a copyright search or a trademark search.

And it gives you instant and free access to a world of public information about domain names. To get started  Google the word “whois”. You’ll find several options for doing whois searches. Using those sites  you plug in your domain name and it will bring up the public record.

Now, either you’re going to see all the data related to your domain name including your contact information or the contact information of the person who is authoritative for your domain name. It’s possible privacy has been turned on for your domain and you won’t see anything at all. So if you can see your domain record and the email address is one of the principles in your company, then, GOOD NEWS, you have control over your domain name.

It’s ideal at this point is to make sure someone on your staff or one of the shareholders or stakeholders of your business is paying the bill and you have a direct relationship with the domain registration company.  You should have your own domain account and your domain should be associated with the account.

Now if you find that you’re not in that situation, you can work with your web designer if you have contact with him to transfer that domain into the control of an account that you have with.  Say a domain provider such as GoDaddy or Hostgator or Network Solutions is one of the oldest and most reputable ones. So set up an account with one of these companies and there are a lot of them out there. Network solutions is a very good institution to deal with. They are one of the oldest ones on the internet and I’d strongly suggest using them.

Start by opening an account with Network solutions and then either work with your web designer to transfer that into your control or you can work with network solutions support and they will help you make sure your domain is moved into your control.

So that is a good early step and it is absolutely essential to putting you in control of your website assets.

An important word of caution:

When you do that transfer of ownership, make sure that your name servers don’t change. Your name servers tell the world the critical information about your domains location on the internet and where your email server is located.  If you change the name servers you can break your emails functionality. All of the email in your firm will go down and obviously you don’t want that. So make sure you leave the name servers the same and you know work with your IT company. 

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