So now that you have prospects in your lead bucket, you want to re-engage with them so you can deepen your relationship. What are some of the strategies that you can use to re-engage? The number 1 strategy for re-engagement is keeping it simple. If you have multiple channels or multiple buckets, if you have Youtube and Facebook and Twitter and a dozen other channels, you’re going to give up because there’s just way too much stuffs to concentrate on unless you have someone full-time doing this for you. You’re going to have way too many channels to maintain. Too many spinning plates and something’s going to drop or else you’re just going to give up. So the number 1 suggestion I can have for you is to keep it simple. Keep it down to 1 or 2 channels. Or if you have to juggle more than 2 channels, you should create a message so you can use it to all of those channels and syndicate it out to all those channels. Simply. And in one of our campaign walk-throughs, we’re going to show you how to create multi-channel syndications across a few different channels. The other suggestion that I’m going to make is that you commit to a system of regularity there. So if you decide you’re going to do a video post or a blog post once a week, stick to that. Consistency is really your strongest ally in this process and you want to be able to engage as consistently as possible. Then people begin to anticipate your messages and they’re less likely to seem surprised by them or to resent them because they become part of their lives and you’ve trained them to expect those messages. So those are my top 2 suggestions. First of all, keep your channel simple, your channel selection, 2 channels maximum. And be as consistent as you can be so that people begin to expect and anticipate and even look forward to the material that you’re sending out rather than being surprised by it.